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Forget the hassle of technical analysis, staring at charts or trading crypto with bots.

Become a smarter investor with minty. Our algorithm-led, simple, automated and emotionless platform.

Running 24/7 to give you more time to learn, create and do the things you love.


Striving to push the boundaries of automated crypto trading

minty will run crypto trading, delta neutral, funding rate, arbitrage and more advanced trading algorithms – connected directly into multiple exchanges and monitoring hundreds of pairs simultaneously. 

Being able to enter and exit positions in mere milliseconds means that the platform will get in and out of trades before manual traders and crypto trading bot users have even started to think about it.

An easy way to invest in crypto with zero emotion

Once you have invested into the fund, it’s simply a case of watching how the algorithms perform, for everyone. We will all make the same profit… and the same losses.

There’s no catch either – with results in real-time, historical logging, no minimum investment amount and no monthly payments. We are big on trust and open about how we take our fees. We wont charge you to deposit and you will be able to instantly withdraw your balance whenever you like (with zero human interaction from our end). Or you can enable auto-compounding to easily re-invest your profits.

We have launched our crypto trading platform in paper mode!

After running the platform in beta with several testers, making improvements from feedback and bug hunting, we are now pleased to allow sign-ups from the public.

Please take performance at face-value – due to bug fixing and algorithm optimisation, we are only going to run a single trading strategy on just 6 pairs to start with, whilst we continue to gather feedback and suggestions from our Discord community.

The team behind minty

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Founder and developer of the original minty strategy. SDPF has a strong background in disruptive crypto projects – specialising in technical marketing, branding, strategy and growth.

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Co-founder and programmer. kake has vast experience in algorithmic trading and crypto. He’s passionate for all things automated, technical, genetic algorithms and neural networks.

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How will our fees work?

The platform will scrape 14% from any profitable actions (if an action results in a loss, it doesn’t take anything), this is then shared into the separate pots below. We will be rotating the chosen charity every quarter, as there are a few causes we would love to support – we’ll also be actively asking our Discord community for suggestions/votes to help with the selection.


Total Fee


Team Share


Marketing Pot


Tech Pot


Charity Pot

Sounds good, count me in!

Get started today and become a smarter investor.
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Frequently asked questions

When will minty launch?

We have recently exited the build/beta phase and have now opened up sign-ups for the paper version of the platform.

This will eventually be the full release but without the ability to deposit crypto. You are now able to register and deposit paper money into your balance for the algorithms to begin using.

What type of crypto will you be accepting for deposits and withdrawals?

We will only be supporting stable coins, for example, USDT.

Will there be a fee for withdrawing?

Yes, nothing ridiculous though. It will just be to cover the costs of our standard exchange rate fees.

Will my balance become time locked once I have deposited?

No. You are able to withdraw your available balance at any time.

However, when you deposit to your balance, it will immediately be flagged as available for the minty algorithms and will start to be invested if parameters are met.

Because of the speed of the platform and the frequency of its actions. If you suddenly change your mind about your deposit, you may not be able to withdraw it all back if some of it gets allocated straight away. You will have to wait until it has become available again – you will be prompted with this message once you click deposit and asked to confirm again, just to make sure you are aware.

What sort of performance should I be expecting?

We are aiming to outperform the BTC trend and the buy and hold returns of all pairs that the platform will trade.

Will there be an affiliate scheme?

God no, we aren’t a HYIP scheme and certainly don’t intend to disappear into thin air. We strongly believe every user (even our team) should have the exact same profits.

We will however be intending to partner up with reputable projects, websites and successful blogs on most social media platforms.

Please reach out to SDPF#2525 in our Discord or click here to start a conversation.

What is paper trading?

You may have seen us mention ‘paper mode’ – this is essentially paper trading.

Paper trading is a simulated market environment in which traders record their buying and selling decisions, rather than placing actual orders on the exchanges. This is great for beginners whilst they learn basic trading strategies, technical and fundamental analysis. Many experienced traders also practice paper trading when they are working on new theories and rules.

This allows you to monitor and record your results without affecting your capital, if you do well enough and are happy with the outcomes, then you can start trading live.

We launched minty in paper mode to show our community what the platform will look like, gather feedback, bug hunt and most importantly – put our money where our mouth is and show you how our trading algorithms are expected perform when they go live.

What are these crypto trading bots you speak of?

Most traders create and run grid bots on their chosen exchange and pairs. These create grid orders for buying and selling, during times of extreme volatility they will often end up holding the coin for a considerate amount of time before the price returns to the range of their grids. This is a manual effort and requires some understanding of the market.

Other crypto trading bots execute actions based on a user’s strategy and rules. Again, it’s still up to the user to define these rules and what pairs to invest in, how much to allocate, when to pull out of a position and how to rebalance the strategy if things start to go wrong.

minty’s automated crypto investing strategy and algorithms are based on a lot of tried and thoroughly tested trading strategies, quantitative research and AI (we aren’t saying this for the buzzword either). All you need to do is create an account and deposit funds, everything else will be automatically executed.

What is the best way to invest in crypto?

There is no easy way to answer this, it all depends on your own personal risk tolerance. 

Some investors prefer to hold their crypto for the long run, we are talking months if not years, before checking their holdings and withdrawing any profit, if they have made some.

There are also other options such as actively trading, mining, staking and ICOs etc. This will all require patience and a good amount of research and learning.

The minty platform is based on avoiding all the effort needed to learn and spending too much time sitting in front of your screen debating if you are making the right decision, or not. It aims to take advantage of the speed and carefully considered actions by our algorithms.

Is investing in crypto a smart choice?

To be completely honest, deciding if investing in cryptocurrency will be a good match for your financial situation is completely down to you. However, over the last several years, crypto has grown into a fully-fledged asset class.

Well-known investment giants by the likes of JP Morgan and others have turned from being crypto critics to ending up having dedicated branches for investing in cryptocurrency. Not to mention the billions of dollars these companies have raised following their realisation of the potential and profitability of the crypto industry.

Do emotions really play that much of a part in trading?

Oh god yes. You’ll often hear people referring to themselves as diamond or paper hands. Those with diamond hands are the ones more in control of their emotions and in return, their trades. They usually have set rules and strategies that they stick to regardless.

Traders with paper hands are more of the opposite, usually making rash decisions if they see a negative profit and tend to go by impulse and pressure from the markets.

This article is a good insight into trading psychology.

We are safe to say that minty is more for the diamond hands. Being completely automated means that its actions are 100% emotionless – no matter the amount of profit or loss that will be obtained in the process.

Isn't trading crypto just free money anyway?

No. Whilst we are on the topic of silly questions 101, allow us to divulge a bit more.

Promises of returns with no loss and free money in crypto are something you will, unfortunately, come across quite regularly. Crypto is still in the early stages of its life and due to the insane speeds at that it is being adopted, of course, there will be scams.

This article will give you a good understanding of what to look out for but as a general rule of thumb:

  • Do not buy/invest in something you’re not sure of, exchange or currency.
  • Do not give money to ‘financial advisers’ you meet in chat rooms.
  • Do not believe social media posts promoting free cryptocurrency giveaways.
  • Do not share your private keys that you use to access your wallet or exchange.

Here at minty, we will never claim or guarantee that you will make money or give you substantial returns. Trust, transparency and honesty is in our blood – this is why we have made all of our platform’s statistics public.

We also hate scammers so are more than happy to give our two cents (our community too!) on something you are not too sure of in our Discord, to hopefully prevent you from making a mistake.

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