How To Deposit Funds To The Minty Platform

Apr 29, 2022 | How To, Platform

minty automated crypto trading platform mockup on tablet

Following our previous article about the launch of minty (in paper mode), it only made sense to throw together a quick how-to in regards to depositing paper funds into your account for the algorithms to begin paper trading with. Word of the day – paper.

Getting started

We are assuming you have already registered and been able to log in to your account, right? If wrong, click HERE to create your account.

Once you have logged in you will need to go to your account settings which you can access on the left navigation bar:

You will see the ‘deposit to your balance’ section in your account. To add funds, simply type in ho wmuch you want to add (it’s capped to 1,000 USDT for paper mode) and then click deposit. That’s it!

You will see your ‘funds’ now displaying in your balance and minty will begin to use those for when it enters it’s next trade.

There’s also the option to enable auto-compounding which will automatically re-invest any profit made back into your balance for trading:

Now it’s a case of sitting back and leaving the algorithms to make their trades.

It’s worth noting that we are currently only running one algorithm across 6 pairs for now, whilst we gather feedback and bug hunt with the Discord community and early testers. If you do find something or have any ideas to help us improve the platform as a whole, then please do let us know!

The team @ minty

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