You Can Now Sync Your Discord Account With Minty

Apr 29, 2022 | How To, Platform

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We’re pleased to release another new feature which is more of a nice to have for our Discord members.

Instead of logging in to the platform to check your balance and what not, you are now able to link your minty account with Discord – enabling you to run a couple of simple commands to have your personal balance and profit sent to you via direct message. You will also be able to check the public performance statistics in Discord too!

How do I do it?

First things first, you need to be a verified member in our Discord – it’s a case of joining the server HERE and then completing a web captcha to verify your account, this helps us to stop spam bots and raids.

Once you have full access to the Discord just head to to the ‘#🔗your-stats‘ channel and type /link

You will then get a direct message from the minty bot with a unique link to connect your accounts, make sure you are logged in to your minty account before running the command.

Make sure to double-check the message is from the minty bot, you can identify it by the blue bot tag next to its name.

Once you have followed the link you will get a success confirmation on your minty account page and that’s it!

If you now return to the ‘#🔗your-stats‘ you can use the the /mystats command to have your personal stats sent to you via. direct message – or you can type /stats to view the overall performance statistics.

Please note: if you receive a DM that isn’t from the minty bot, please be careful, ignore it and report the user sending any suspicious DMs to an admin/moderator.

The team @ minty

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