We Have Launched Our Automated Trading Platform In Paper Mode

Apr 27, 2022 | News, Platform

rocket launching like our crypto trading platform - minty

Champagne for everyone 🍾

As per the last update in our Discord, we have finally taken the minty platform out of its dev environment and it is now officially live for users to create accounts and deposit funds. The investment amount is capped to $1,000 per user and will be paper funds only, just to stop someone trolling with a million-dollar investment or something!

We’d also like to make you aware that the platform is only running a single strategy on 9 pairs and to not take the past performance at face value, as there were times when we realised the algorithm was entering shorts when it shouldn’t and duplicating positions etc. It won’t be from now on.

We are also in the process of testing a few more algorithms which we will be throwing into the mix shortly, as well as new features for the platform itself.

You can now create an account, deposit paper funds at https://platform.minty.fund/register and take a look at how things will work once the profit is rolling in and we exit paper mode. If you have any feedback or suggestions then please do let us know in Discord.

We’d also like to thank the early platform testers for their feedback and bug hunting over the last few weeks! Stay tuned for updates on new trading algorithms being added to the platform – once we are happy with the performance of the combined algos we’ll be taking it out of paper mode.

The team @ minty

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